What is Computer and How Does It Work

What is Computer and How Does It Work
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What is Computer and How Does It Work?

What is computer and how does it work. Computer types, these two questions are very simple,  everyone’s from himself mind. The answer to this question can already be known to all of you. You will be surprised why today again this topic is about which we already know everything. You can know some things from what you want to say today, but I intend that you should be given full information about a computer and half of it is not incomplete.

About what is computer and how does it work?

I know that you know the definition of a computer, but do you know how it works, which was created earlier by it, through which the rope was passed. Many scientists are the result of hard work behind the computer we are using today. Today we want to give full information about this device by telling people about this computer, what is its main part and how does it work. What happens to the computer, then what is the delay.

What is Computer?

The computer is an electronic device designed to work with information. These words are derived from the word ‘computer’ of computer Latin, which means calculation or programmable machine. Its main purpose is to do three things like taking first data that we call input, the second task is to process that data and work processed data The output is also known as output.

We know that the father of the computer is called Charles Babbage. This is because they first created mechanical computers, which are also called analytical engines. In it, data was inserted with the help of Punch Card.

Therefore, we can call the computer on an advanced electronic device which takes raw data from the user at the end of the input, then processes that data through the set of instructions and finally, the result is published as output. It processes both numerical and non-numerical calculations (arithmetic and logical).

History of a computer.

This can not be proven accurate since the start of the computer. But officially the development of the computer has been classified according to the generation. These main goals are divided into 5 parts.

First Generation (1940-1956) Vacuum Tubes.

The first generation computers used vacuum tubes to use circuits and magnetic drums for memory. They were quite big in size, they had lots of power to run. Due to being very large, there was a lot of heat problem in which it had been damaged many times. They used machine language. For example, Univac and NIiAC computers

Second Generation (1956-1963) Transistors.

In this generation computers, the transistor changed the vacuum tubes. The transistor used to take very little space was small, fast, cheap and more energy efficient. They used to produce less heat compared to the first generation computers, but still, there was a heat problem in them. These included high levels programming languages such as Cobol and Fortran.

Third Generation (1964-1971) Integrated Circuits.

The first time the integrated circuit was used in this generation’s computer. In which the transistor was inserted into small silicon chips, which is called the semiconductor. It has benefited from the fact that the process of processing the computer has increased significantly. For the first time, manufacturers, keyboards and operating systems were used to make this generation’s computer more user-friendly. It was launched for the first time in the market.

Fourth Generation (1971-Present) Microprocessors

The characteristic of this generation is that its microprocessor is used with thousands of integrated circuits embedded in the same silicon chip. The use of the microprocessor also increased the efficiency of the computer. He was able to do a great calculation in a very large way.

Fifth Generation (Present and Beyond) Artificial Intelligence

Today generation, where Artificial Intelligence has established its power. Now many new technologies like Vocal Recognition, Parallel Processing, Quantum Calculation are coming. This is a generation where the computer has got artificial intelligence due to its own determination. Gradually all its work will be automated. Who is the father of the modern computer?

But all these contributions have been contributed by Charles Babes. Because he was the first person to receive analytical engine in 1837. In this engine, the concept of ALU, Basque flow control and integrated memory was introduced. Today’s computer was designed by the basis only on this model. That’s why he contributed the most. He is also known as the computer’s father.

Computer Basic Components

There are many components of a modern digital computer, but some of them are very important components such as Input Device, Output Device, CPU (Central Processing Unit), Mass Storage Device and Memory.

Four Functions of the computer are:

  • Accept data Input from a user.
  • Processes data Processing.
  • Produces data output.
  • Stores result in Storage.

How Computer Works / how does it work?

  1. Input: Input is the step in which any information is inserted inside the computer by using Input Device. This can be an essay, photos or any video.
  2. Process: Processed data is processed according to instruction. This is a completely internal process.
  3. Output: The data that has already been processed during the output is shown at the end of the result. And we want to save the result then we keep it in memory, for the use of Future.

Inside a Computer

If you have ever seen a computer case, you should know that there are small components inside, they look very complicated, but they are not so complicated in reality. Now we will give people the most information about these components.


The main board of the board It looks like a thin plate but it is holding many things like CPU, Memory, Connectors for hard drive and Optical Drive, to control the expansion card Video and Audio, as well as all of the computers Ports to connection If seen, motherboard is Directed in all parts of the computer

CPU / Processor

The Central Processing Unit is also called Processor. The motherboard inside the case It is also called brain This is the best way to keep an eye on all activities within a computer. The more powerful processor the speed will be, the faster it will be processed.


We also know Ram as Random Access Memory. This system has a short-term memory. Whenever a computer calculates something, it temporarily saves that result in RAM. ComputerStop if this data is also lost. If we are writing a document, we should save our data in the middle of the obstacle to avoid being destroyed. If the data is saved in the hard drive, it can last for a long time.

Hard Drive

A hard drive is the most important component where all software, documents, and other files are saved safely. The data store for a long time.

Power supply unit

The power supply unit is used to take power from the main power supply and to supply it in other components as per requirement.

Extended letter

All computers have expansion slots so that we can add an expansion card in the future. They are also called PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Card. But today’s motherboard has already made several slots. Some expansion card names we can use to update the old computer.

  • video card
  • sound card
  • network card
  • Bluetooth card (adapter)

Hardware and software in a computer

We call computer hardware a physical device that we use on our computer, i.e., computer software is a collection of code that we install in our machine’s hard drive to run the hardware. For example, computer monitors that we use to fall, the icons that we use to navigate, are all computer hardware. This is where we go to the website and the operating system in which it runs the internet browser. Such things are called software.

We can say that there are a computer software and hardware integration, both have the same role, both can work together.

Types of computers

Whenever we hear the use of computer term, we have a picture of a personal computer. I tell you there are many types of computers. Different sizes and shapes come in. According to the requirement, we use them as ATM to withdraw money, scanners to scan any barcode, Calculator to make large calculations. These are all kinds of computers.computer


Many people use desktop computers for their computers, schools and their personal work. They are designed in such a way that we can keep them at our desk. They have many parts like a monitor, keyboard, mouse, computer case.


You will know about the laptop, which is powered by batteries, they are very portable so that they can be taken anywhere and at any time.


Now talk about the tablet, which we call handheld computers because it can be easily caught in the hands. There is no keyboard and mouse, just a touch-sensitive screen used for typing and navigation. Example- I Pad

What is the use of computer

If we see, we are using computers all the time in our lives and will continue to do so. It has become part of our body. I have written some use below for your information.

Education: If students want information about something, then they have the largest hand in education, then this information becomes available in a few minutes with the help of it. Research has shown that with the help of a computer, there is a significant increase in the performance of any student’s learning. Now sitting at home can be studied with the help of online classes.

Health and Medicine: This is a boon for health and medicine. With this help, patients are treated very easily nowadays. Nowadays all things have become digital, which are easily known about the disease and it is also possible to treat them accordingly. It has made the operation easy.

Science: This is the only science of science. With it, research is very easy. Nowadays there is a new trend which is also called as an aide so that all the scientists of the world can work together, it does not matter whether you are with angles in the country or not.

Business: Its huge hands in business are to increase productivity and competitiveness. Marketing, retailing, banking, stock trading in this field computer are mainly used. Now day’s everything being digital here or around the globe due to a computer and its processing has become very fast. And nowadays cashless transactions are being given more importance.computer

Entertainment and Entertainment: It has become a new place for entertainment, talking about movies, sports or restaurants, talking about anywhere, they are used everywhere.

Government: Nowadays, the government is also focusing more on their use. If we talk about traffic, tourism, information, and broadcasting, education, aviation, then all of us have used our work to do a lot of work.

Defense: Their use in the army has increased a lot. With the help of which our army has become more powerful now because now everything is controlled with computer help. There are many places where we use it according to your needs.

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