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Air Pollution Introduction And Water Pollution Introduction

Air Pollution Introduction And Water Pollution Introduction
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Air Pollution Introduction And Water Pollution Introduction

  • Do you want to read about Air Pollution?
  • Do you want to read about Water Pollution?

So my dear friends in this post I’m going to explain air pollution introduction. And water pollution introduction. This post may be long approx 800 to 1000 words. Air pollution and water pollution are the most important problem in the earth. We need air and water to survive on earth. We can not live without air and water. Life also not possible without air and water on earth. But polluted air decreases our lifeline. Finally, now I am going to explain you ‘how to keep air and water clean and pure‘ and make air and water pollution free. So please read this post carefully.

Air Pollution Introduction

Most people knew that we need air to live. Animals, plants and all living things need air to live. the earth is covered by a thick layer of air. Hence it is a known atmosphere. We need to keep our air clean because a healthy life must need pollution-free air.

What is air pollution introduction?

Hey! take a look at the picture given below. We can see that smoke mix into the air. smoke is very harmful to our health. Smoke pollutes our air and atmosphere. Hence we breath polluted the air we get many diseases. As a result, the presence of smoke, gases and harmful dust particles in the air cause air pollution.air pollution

Nobody can see the air. But anyone can feel the air. In the forest area, we get more fresh air and atmosphere as compared to town and industrial area.

There are many things like smoke from factory and vehicles pollute the air. Now days air get more polluted because of an increase in the number of vehicles and burning of garbage also pollutes the air. Finally, I am going to tell you that why air pollution increasing day by day. Due to increasing of cutting trees and clearing forest. They don’t know that cleaning the forest decrease the quality of air.

How to keep the air clean and fresh

So, friends, we all know that we need fresh air to breathe. Fresh air will keep us healthy and active. Friends Do you know how to keep the air fresh and clean? Some important point to keep the air clean and fresh. So please read all the point and apply in your life.

  • Don’t cut trees.
  • we must grow more trees and plants for a fresh atmosphere.
  • And we should not burn garbage or dry leaves.
  • we should not throw garbage on the road but dump it in covered dustbins.
  • we should not burn crackers.

Please keep all the points in your mind and take action. we can make our world a better place to live.

Water Pollution Introduction

Water is also required for our life. We use water for various purpose like drinking, bathing, washing cloth and cooking food. we can not imagine life on earth without water. we use water in many ways. water help us to digest the food we eat. Drinking of purified water kills harmful toxins and germs from our body. Water help farmer to grow their food.water pollution image

Stage of water

There are three forms of water: Solid, Liquid and Gas.

  • ice formed when water keeping at freezing temperature.
  • If solid water kept in a warm place, solid water converts in a liquid form named water.
  • when we boil normal water, it converts into vapour (steam). water converts into gaseous form.

Sources of water

Sources of water are rain, seas, lakes, rivers, ponds, wells, tube wells. The water we get from the sea, rivers etc. is not safe for drinking. The water we get from a river is polluted. Only rainwater is pure. Always remember that rainwater is the purest form of water. We can not drink impure water because impure water is not safe for our health and drinking.

Impure water or water pollution introduction

I am going to explain you how water pollution increasing now days. To save water my humble request you that please protect water from getting polluted. And don’t through garbage into water and rivers.

Let’s see How water become impure?

Water become impure through various human activities. are:

  • waste material coming out from the factory are thrown into the water.
  • Chemicals threw into the water.
  • washing animals in the water.
  • washing of cloth.
  • utensils in water bodies pollute water.
  • Finally, I introduce you about air and water pollution.

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