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Different Indian Dresses | Indian Dress Name List

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Different Indian Dresses | Indian Dress Name List

Indian has very cold as well as hot regions. The climatic conditions of a place affect the daily life of the people. That is why people from different regions were different kinds of clothes. Clothes are our basic need. clothes protect our body from heat and cold. In hot regions, people wear cotton clothes whereas, in colder regions, people wear woollen clothes. So, friends, it is a brief description of different Indian dresses.

Our country India is a land of variety. This variety can be seen in landforms, climate, food and the clothes that people were. So the clothes we wear differ not from state to state, but also from season to season. Sometimes, people from different religions wear different clothes. Still some types of clothes are common.

Different Indian Dresses For Women

The women of our country wear very colourful clothes. Most Indian women wear saree with blouse. It is the most common dress all over the country. But the style of wearing a saree is different in different parts of the country.The other popular different Indian dresses of women are salwar-kameez with Dupatta in Punjab, Ghaghra-Kurta with odhni in Haryana, Ghaghra-choli within Uttar Pradesh, Ghaghra-katchli with odhni in Rajasthan, lehnga-choli with odhni in Gujarat and mundu-blouse in Kerala.The long skirts worn by women in Sikkim are known as Baku. In Kashmir, both men and women wear a long woollen kurta named pheran.

  • What is a kimono? who wear this costume? ( comment your answer)

Different Indian Dresses For Men

The clothes are worn by the men also vary from state to state. Dhoti-kurta, Kurta-Pyjama, Kurta-lungi or shirt-dhoti are some of the common dresses men wear.

Some men wear special dresses like churidar pyjama-kurta with achkan or angarkha in Rajasthan, churidar pyjama with a jacket in Gujarat and dhoti-kurta in West Bengal and Assam. Dhoti or lungi with shirt or kurta is commonly worn in the southern states. In Kerala, dhoti named mundu and also in Tamil Nadu, it is named Vashti.

  • Dhoti-kurta or kurta-pyjama is commonly worn by men in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Men living in small and big cities mostly wear a shirt with trousers. Men in different states sometimes like to cover their heads with turbans or caps. Turbans of different people vary from state to state. The turban of a Sikh is different from the turban of a Rajasthani. Gujaratis wear Gandhi caps. The people of Jammu and Kashmir wear fur caps. The cap of the people of Himachal Pradesh is beautifully embroidered.

People who do special jobs wear special clothes. So we are known its uniform. For example, a doctor wears a white coat and a nurse wears a white tunic. Policemen wear khaki dresses. Soldiers, school children and postmen also wear their uniforms.

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