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Our occupation list

Our occupation list
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Our occupation list

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                          Our Occupations

If you want to know about the occupation list or our occupation in India. So read this post carefully, I answered these question asked you above. Money does not grow in a field like food grain. If you want to earn money? You know that any work that helps us to earn money is called an occupation. There is various kind of occupations in our country. Most people in our country engaged in his job. In our country, people work as farmers, tailors, miners, doctors, teachers, engineers, carpenters shopkeepers labors etc. Some people are work in offices. People do their work according to their knowledge, skill, and experience.

Our occupation list in India

There are mainly 8 types of occupation in India. They are:


Agricultural farming is the most common occupation of the people in our country India. There are various types of crops are grown in our countryside. Types of crops are grown is cotton, oil, seeds, fruits, vegetables, sugarcane, spices, tea, coffee, rubber, jute, etc. are the products of the farming today about 70% of Indians population lives in villages.t those people mainly depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

Plainland, fertile soil and sufficient amount of water are essential for the growth of crops. the construction of dams and canals has increased the area of irrigated land.

Important notes

The growing of crops, rearing cattle and fish, are in the same occupation. This feild known as mixed farming. It is very common in India.

The two other occupations in India closely related to farming are cattle rearing and poultry farming.

Cattle Rearing

This is an important occupation related to farming. Cattle Arcade on the produce from fields. In India, people keep cows, buffaloes, and goats for milk. blocks of our fields. Sheep provide us wool. We get meat from Some cattle. Keeping animals for milk, this occupation also knew as dairy farming. It is a most important occupation for the reason that in India milk product was consumed by people in India at great quantity.

Poultry Farming

It is another important occupation in India. people rear hens and Ducks for eggs and meat. Poultry feed mainly consists of maize. Wheat, Jowar, etc. It has grown by farmers.

Fishing Occupation

Fishing is the occupation of many people of the coastal areas. fish is a part of their staple food. the main sources of fishing are seas, rivers, and ponds. We also get oil and other product from fish. We kept fish in big trank for supply, this process known as fish farming.

Important notes

The breeding of fish in ponds for reselling fish. A process called pisciculture.

Occupation-Related to Forests

Some parts of our country have thick forests. In India, there are many people are doing their job related to forest department or forest occupations in India. Some people do their job like cutting wood to make furniture. And some wood was cut to make the packing boxes, matchboxes, and paper. In India wood mainly used as a fuel. Wood burn to make food and many more.

  • They collect resin and lac from trees and also.
  • People also collect Gum and medicinal herbs from a forest.

Important notes

  • The tree of forests protected by people. It means/called foresty.
  • wasting paper means cutting down more and more trees.

Mining Occupation

Mining is the process of taking out minerals from the earth. It is another occupation in India the states of India which are rich in minerals. Minerals give us different types of metals. Metals are used to make Railway Engines, Airplane, Ship, Metal Tools, etc.

occupation list

A number of occupations are dependent on mining. Two of them are refining of minerals and making things from metals.


A place where raw material such as cotton, jute, sugarcane, wood, metals, etc are processed into much more valuable goods is called an industry. A large number of people work in different industries.

Other Occupations

These days people are engaged in a number of occupations. They work in railways, Roadways, Airways, schools, banks, hospitals and various other places.

There are a large number of people who run there business and shops. people earn their livelihood by singing, dancing, painting, etc. People provide us with goods and services we need. All these people contribute a lot to the growth of our nation.

An important point related to occupation in India
  • Many people work to provide useful service to us.
  • Mining is important occupation in india.
  • Occupation helps us to earn money.
  • The most common occupation in India agriculture.
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