Works from home | Start online work from home

Works from home | Start online work from home
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Works From Home

Hey! I’m Gaurav and I’m going to explain how to start work from home. So please read this article till the end and enjoy our service. This post helps you to start your works from home. You can earn lots of money by using this tips and start work from home.

  1. Do you want to know about work from home?
  2. How to start doing work from home?


  • Be a Youtuber
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Play games

how to start work from homeSo, friends, there are four types of work from home. You can do many works from home but mainly these 4 types of work covered under. I know what you’re talking right now. Can you earn money from these work? So friends yes you can earn money from these work. And you can take these work as a carrier also. Now days worldwide get connected, by doing this works from home you can earn lots of money. For example 500$ to 1000$ per month. India top 10 bloggers and Youtuber earn 30 to 50 lakh per month. Finally, I hope you will enjoy and read till the end. Now let’s chat about our 4 main topics about work from home.


Hello sir, welcome to Youtube, are you interested in making videos? And provide information as related to your talent? If yes then this is a great platform for you. Here millions of people making their curries from videos. There are many famous youtuber around the world. So if you start the work from home, let’s celebrate you are the one of them who made their curries on youtube and get popular around the world. And how much money they earn from YouTube I already told you before.

Tools required to start this works from home / be a Youtuber

  • Email id
  • Video editing software
  • Camera / smartphone
  • Internet
  • A topic on which you make a video

Now you are thinking, how can you make YouTube channel. So right down I suggested you watch this video to make your YouTube channel.



Wow! This is the 2nd work that makes you rich. Blogging can make more than 80 lakh per month. And India top bloggers are making money by working on this platform. There are two platforms to do this work from home. First blogger and second WordPress. So you can start this work for free by (blogger.com). This service program by Google for free. You get free hosting and free domain. If you want to use a custom domain, then you can buy a domain from Go-daddy. So friends in blogger you don’t need to purchase hosting, Google provides this product for free. Hence, you can start this work from home. Now startup can go through blogger.com.

On the other hand, if you want to make a professional blog or website you should go through word press. WordPress is so simple and easy to use and you can do many different styles and design in WordPress. If you go through WordPress you have to purchase hosting and top level domain. My suggestion you to make a WordPress website because WordPress website gives you good rankings in google and bing. So, friends, you can do google or YouTube “ how to make a website or blog “.


This is the third way to earn money from home. I hope you know about affiliate marketing. If you have no idea about the affiliate market I give you a brief knowledge about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means selling a product online. In this work, you have to make an affiliate account on online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart. After that, you have to create an affiliate link of Amazon product and share on social media site. If someone purchases your shared product from your link you get commission set on that product. Finally, I explain you about affiliate marketing. Hence you can start this works from home and earn money. If you want to know more about affiliate marketing ” Click here to know more about affiliate marketing “.

Friends one more thing I want to share with you about affiliate marketing. You can start this works from home by making your own online product selling website because a website can give you better results. You can sell product on your blog website also by sharing affiliate link in your post or article. While reading your post if your audience will interest to purchase a product they will click on that link. I explain this topic because most people making lots of money setting form home. You can start this work from home. I hope you will satisfy from my way of explanation.


play game and work from homeThis is the fourth ways that you can earn money. If you are a good player you earn lots of money while setting your home. Nowadays, PUBG is number one open world game. This game is playing all around the world. But in this field, if you are not pro players of any game you can’t earn money because audiences want to see the best gameplay so they can entertain by watching your gameplay. Now the main topic is how you start earning money by playing games. You play any game I will take example PUBG game. When you are playing PUBG game you have to record your gameplay and edit your kills short and convert into a video. When you complete upload that video on YouTube channel or Instagram and Facebook page. Now the question is how can you earn money by Instagram and Facebook pages. On a YouTube channel, you can earn money through ads shows on your video.

Hence, Instagram or Facebook posts (you can show ads) and grow your followers and audience. After getting a huge audience game company’s, product selling company or many more will contact you to promote his product on your Facebook page and Instagram account. If companies will not contact you then you can contact for product promotion. They will play you 100$ to 1000$ for one post. The amount will depend upon your audience on your page. Now I’m talking about Virat Kohli ( Indian cricket game player ) he has 24 million audiences on the Instagram account. He takes 1 lakh 20 thousand dollars $ for one post on the Instagram account. So this as same as you can also get such amount for one post on your Instagram account.

Finally, friends, I discussed all the points related to work from home, now you can start your work in which you are interested. So please subscribe to this blog and share this post on your Facebook account hence more and more people can start this work from home.

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